Triatix to control ticks

Best Tips to CONTROL OF TICKS IN Animals using Triatix 2021

Triatix Stock Spray is ticks (an ectoparasiticide) for use in Dips or as a Spray for the control of ticks, mange and lice on cattle, sheep, goats, camels, pigs and dogs.


Each litre of Triatix contains 125 g of Amitraz. Triatix is a straw-coloured emulsifiable concentrate (EC) liquid used for ticks and lice control.

Triatix EC is a highly effective ectoparasiticides used for the control of single and multi-host ticks, mange mites, keds, biting and sucking lice on cattle, sheep, goats, camels, pigs and dogs. Triatix is highly effective against strains of ticks that are resistant to pyrethroids and organophosphorus chemicals.

Triatix exhibits a rapid expellant action which causes ticks to quickly detach from the body, drop to the ground and die. Its residual activity provides protection by preventing re-attachment of re-infesting ticks.
For optimum control of ticks and tick-borne diseases, use Triatix weekly.
Triatix rapidly degrades in the soil.

Triatix must be diluted with water before use and then applied as a dip or spray to kill the ticks.

A. Dipping

NB: The active compound in Triatix is rapidly biodegradable and hence must be kept stable in the dip-tank by using a stabilizer. The stabilizer is made of a special grade of calcium hydroxide. The concentration of the amitraz in the dip wash must be maintained at 0.025% w/v.
The initial dilution rate for filling of a dip tank is 1 Litre of Triatix EC in every 500 Litres of water.

Calculate the required amount of Triatix against the volume capacity of the dip tank.
Decant the calculated volume of Triatix into an empty drum and pre-cream with an equal amount of water.
Pour the mixed solution into the dip tank and agitate thoroughly before dipping any livestock.
At the end of the dipping, add the correct amount of stabilizer to the dip wash by sprinkling the powder directly onto the surface of the dip-wash along the length of the dip tank.
NB: Use one 3.5Kg bag of stabilizer for every 1(one) Litre of Triatix.
Ensure no rainwater drains into the dip tank.

Dip Replenishment
Must take place after more than 125 heads of cattle have been dipped.
Must take place in intervals no longer than 3 weeks
The minimum number of cattle that can be dipped at weekly intervals should be 80; the first 50 head of cattle should be considered as stirrers of the dip wash.
Replenishment methods
Conventional system
Add 1L of Triatix for every 250L of water added after pre-creaming as above. The stabilizer should be added at the end of the dipping as above.
Headcount system
Add 1L of Triatix (pre-creamed as above) for every 125 heads of cattle dipped.
NB – The dip tank should be topped up with water to the full mark immediately before the next dipping.

B. Spray Race

Mixing rates
Fill the spray race sump at a rate of 1l of Triatix to 500l of water (or 2ml to 1L); pre-cream equal volumes of water and calculated Triatix volume before mixing into the bulk water volume in the sump.
Prepare 400L of mixture plus 2.5L of the wash for every animal to be sprayed.
After every 100 head of cattle, boost the sump with 250ml of Triatix.
NB – Discard all remaining wash at the end of the days spraying.
Under heavy tick challenge, it is advisable to clip the hair and tail-brush to assist wetting.
In all types of usage, for optimum tick and tick-borne disease control, use Triatix weekly.

C. Hand Spraying

For cattle, sheep and goats, use at the same dilution as for dipping. Prepare enough wash for the day only.

D. Hand Dressing

For cattle, sheep and goats, use the double the dilution as for dipping i.e. 4ml of Triatix in 1L of water.

ticks control in Pigs
For lice and ticks infestations, dilute at 4ml of Triatix in 1L of water; spray twice, three weeks (21 days) apart.
In instances of Sarcoptic mange, dilute as above but spray twice, 1 week apart. Precautions
Do not slaughter animals for human consumption within 3 days of treatment.
Wear protective clothing i.e. face-shield & rubber gloves when handling the concentrated product.
Wash splashes of the concentrate from the skin immediately using plenty of water.
If the concentrated solution splashes into the eye, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.
If ingested accidentally, seek medical attention immediately.
Remove heavily contaminated clothing and wash them thoroughly before re-use.
Wash hands and exposed skin before eating, drinking and smoking and after treating the livestock.
Triatix is very dangerous to fish; avoid contamination of ponds and waterways.
Wash out the empty containers after use and dispose of them safely.

Store in a cool, dry place in the original container with the cap tightly closed.
Triatix is available in: 40ml, 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1-litre pack, 5-litre packs

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